Nerve Buster For Singers

5 Steps To Unshakeable Confidence

From NERVOUS to NERVELESS in just 12 Days!

Freedom from Nerves, Stage Fright, Performance & Audition Anxiety...

They call me THE NERVE BUSTER!

If you are on this page then you suffer from nerves, and it is RUINING your chances of being the BEST singer possible. I know how you feel, because I USED TO BE EXACTLY LIKE YOU...


I wasted YEARS of my career as a singer being self-critical, judgemental and feeling not good enough. I allowed debilitating nerves, fear and anxiety to stop me reaching my full potential as a singer. I even suffered from panic attacks.


I really, REALLY regret leaving it SO long to do something about it. I don't want the same to happen to YOU.


That is why I am SO excited to invite you to something that could change your singing and your life in a MASSIVE way, just like it has for hundreds of my students over the last ten years.

I have created a system that not only completely ELIMINATES nerves and anxiety when you sing but actually teaches you how to give your BEST performance every time you step on stage, enter an audition or sing in front of ANYONE.


Now, I know what it’s like to have those sweating palms, that thumping heart and the racing mind saying things like "Who do you think you are?! You’re not good enough! Why do you even bother?!’


And I know how painful it is to never feel like you can show the best of yourself and to LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR VOICE - that shaky, weak, unrecognisable squeak that comes out when you KNOW that you can nail it at home...

That’s why I created... 

Nerve Buster For Singers: 

5 Steps To Unshakeable Confidence

...a hold your hand, step by step system to eliminate nerves and fear and transform them into the confidence you’ve always wanted

This program is for you if:

  • You never sing in public as well as you do in private and you lose control of your voice when you're in front of others

  • You come off stage and criticise yourself for all the things that went badly and end up tearing yourself apart for it

  • You feel like you've lost the passion and love you had when you first started singing and you desperately want it back

  • You compare yourself to others and end up feeling terrible about yourself and wonder why you even carry on trying


​But, what if I told you all this could change in just 12 days?


And what if I told you it will only take 30 minutes a day to do it?


I know what you're thinking - "I've tried meditation, breathing exercises, visualisation, voice exercises, affirmations and positive thinking... And NONE of them have worked!"


Well, the truth is that these things never really work because if you don't do them properly you can actually make nerves WORSE!


Nerve Buster is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. This brand new approach actually rewires your brain so that you THINK and FEEL different about singing...


It changes your patterns of behaviour and habits so that you no longer experience nerves, anxiety and fear and the HORRIBLE physical effect on your body. 


Instead what you'll feel is ANTICIPATION, EXCITEMENT and LIBERATION as you get up on that stage, or walk into that audition, and do what you were born to do... TO SING and to feel great about yourself as you do it.

Here's what’s inside:

  • Connects you back to the reason you started singing to begin with so that you can LOVE IT again
  • Changes the way you think and feel about singing so you do it easily and effortlessly
  • Release the pressure and self judgement of singing enabling you to access more emotion and honesty

  • Learn the ONE simple and powerful technique that cured my severe panic attacks in just one hour
  • Feel confident, powerful and excited about singing at the click of a finger ANYTIME you want
  • Take your confidence with you into auditions, on stage, open mics or WHEREVER you need it

  • Use your own powers of creativity to map out the pathway to SUCCESS
  • Create the performer you want to be and INSTRUCT your subconscious mind to do it for you
  • Learn how to access childlike playfulness and imagination so you can ENJOY singing and performing again

  • Let go of past experience that are still holding you back in your singing so you can fe TRULY free
  • Reprogram your response to situations causing you stress and nerves so you can be the performer you KNOW you are inside
  • Start to CHOOSE how you want to be as a singer rather than letting the past control you

  • Learn how to use the power of visualisation to rehearse future events for success so you NEVER have to worry again about nerves taking control of you
  • Take control of you mind, body and voice so that they do what YOU want them to do
  • Clear blocks in your voice, transform the way you sound an become the singer of your DREAMS!

FREE Bonuses:

  • “The Secret To Singing Success” eBook

    Transform your mind, voice, career and life with the power of your own mind


    Discover the inside secrets that your singing teacher will never teach you


    Tips, tricks and techniques to overcome fear and get the voice you want 


  • “Have A Great Day” Meditation Pack

    Start your day in a positive way and set yourself up for success with your guided morning meditation


    Give yourself a much needed afternoon boost when tiredness and stress start to take over


    End your day in gratitude and self love and prepare for a deep, nourishing, energising sleep

  • “Spring Clean Your Subconscious & Become Best Friends With Your Brain” Video Training

    2 hour training teaching you the secrets of how your mind works so you can start to transform the way you think and feel every single day


    Learn how to collaborate with your own mind and body for more happiness and less tress


    Overcome negative thinking, limiting beliefs and bad habits so you can create the life and career you want

What other have said:

I used to second guess myself all the time. Gary has a brilliant and totally original way of working which has given me the voice and confidence I’ve always wanted. This is a totally new way of working and takes you to a whole new level. I’d been trying to get into drama school for years with no luck but after working with Gary I got accepted instantly. I couldn’t believe the voice that I started singing in after working him. This is just amazing!"

Cyrus Bargchi


“I used to get INCREDIBLY nervous. After working with Gary I actually did a 3 day audition workshop with the New York casting team of Cats and landed one of my dream roles, and I enjoyed every minute of it!”

Zoe Heighton

Singer / Actress / Dancer

"I have always loved to sing, but as a professional dancer the thought of opening my mouth in public absolutely terrified me. I had so many techniques in the bag for handling and covering up my nerves when I was dancing and knew exactly how to make sure that the audience had no idea how I was feeling, no matter how nervous I actually felt. When it came to my voice, I had no idea where to start - and no idea what would come out when I opened my mouth! Gary literally helped me find my voice both physically and emotionally. With his special process I am now happy to get up and sing anytime and anywhere. I know exactly what is going to come out when I open my mouth and that it will be fabulous. Through freeing my voice, I have also unlocked a freedom in my personal life which I never thought possible. I am now more happy, confident and ‘me’ than I have ever felt. And when someone asks me if I am a singer- I proudly say ‘YES!’ "

Amy Drew

Singer / Dancer

"It was so refreshing to have someone approach singing from a totally different and holistic perspective. The results have been twice as strong in half the time! My voice feels freer and stronger, but most importantly I REALLY love singing again."

Tom Keeling

Singer / Actor

What would it mean to you and your singing if:

  • You could FINALLY understand the reason that you suffer from nerves and get over so you can ENJOY singing again

  • You could step on stage and feel EXCITED to be there and feel CONFIDENT that you give your best performance every time

  • You had COMPLETE and TOTAL control over your singing voice in EVERY situation you wanted and NEVER fear cracking, shaking, forgetting lyrics or messing up

  • You could show the REAL you when you sing and really, REALLY move your audience in a deeper more powerful way

This is the opportunity I want to invite you to today...


Before I reveal the special price for YOU, let me recap what you get:

  • Life time access to "Nerve Buster for Singers: 5 Steps to Unshakeable Confidence Program"

  • "The Secret to Singing" eBook Free Bonus

  • The "Have a Great Day" Guided Meditation 3 Pack Bonus

  • "Spring Clean Your Subconscious & Become Best Friends with your Brain" 2 Hour Video Training

You get all of this for just £297!!!


Got Questions About Your Order? Call Me 0203 289 6095

What you get:

  • Lifetime Access to the Nerve Buster 5 Steps to Unshakeable Confidence Program

  • An Online Membership Portal so you can Access the Program from Anywhere at Anytime

  • Access to my Private Members Only Facebook Group where I'll be answering your questions

About the Creator:

Gary is the founder of Mind Body Voice Academy. He has coached thousands of Broadway and West End performers, as well as TV and international pop stars all over the world to claim back their confidence and sing in the voice of their dreams. Gary has been a professional performer himself for 20 years. For 10 of those years he has been a vocal coach. He is also a hypnotherapist and subconscious mind specialist. They don’t call him The Nerve Buster For Nothing.

London, United Kingdom

0203 289 6095

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